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1116 Vista Point Ln
Concord, CA, 94521
United States

(925) 286 6721

The visual works and portfolios of Josh Harmon. Northern California native photographer, videographer, and seeker of moments specializing in portraits, landscapes, and water. 


How I describe "moments" I see

Josh Harmon

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to find a way in plain english to describe the rare moments I see. Feeling somewhat inspired this morning I wrote the below passage in an effort to describe what I believe to be indescribable. It is a bit over the top with a few existential sprinkles, but I like it.

Time is everywhere. There is no escape from it, nor is there an absence or way of halting its flow; time is an absolute, a universal authority. Our perception of reality is a flux of irrational moments composed of slivers of time. Reaction, response, emotion, intuition, and feeling define experience, yet occasionally a moment transpires where reality becomes surreal and dreamlike. A place where time loses meaning and the world stands still. A moment where eternity exists for a brief occasion to tempt you with sensations of beauty and revelation, leaving only a melancholic vacuum in its wake. I chase these slivers of time trying to catch smoke with our bare hands, never realizing when I have captured my prey until it has vanished.

Even after writing this I feel like there are so many more ways I would describe the feelings I get when I am in a "moment". In this way I feel like art is very much a constant chase toward the unobtainable. A philosophic pursuit much like that of happiness. Then again the cliché "the journey becomes the adventure" definitely applies as well.