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1116 Vista Point Ln
Concord, CA, 94521
United States

(925) 286 6721

The visual works and portfolios of Josh Harmon. Northern California native photographer, videographer, and seeker of moments specializing in portraits, landscapes, and water.


Why did I buy a digital camera?

Josh Harmon

A film based workflow has been the foundation of my photography for over the last half decade. My journey of discovery through learning about, shooting, and experimenting with film and chemicals is what has made photography exciting to me. This journey has been a path ladened with enigmas and mysteries that I’ve sought out to solve by exploring every facet imaginable, and possible. 

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Kodak Ektar 100 Film Review

Josh Harmon

When it comes to landscapes analog photographers traditionally would choose slide film. Before the widespread availability of high resolution digital cameras slide film offered the highest fidelity of image quality. Fine grain, impressive resolving power, and colors that leap out at you are just a few of the qualities that bring chrome films to landscape subjects. Those great features also came with a price in several senses of the word. Slide films are literally becoming more expensive than their b/w and print film relatives in unit cost and processing. In addition they can be notoriously unforgiving with very limited dynamic range having exposure latitude in the 6-8 stops range. Even with all that in mind there are perhaps few pleasures as wonderful as holding a positive image in hand.

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St Louis with Jo

Josh Harmon

One of my best friends who has made several appearance on my blog already is Jo. She is just the person to provide me with proper perspective and show me around the lesser known parts of St Louis.

The weekend excursion began with some mild urban exploration. St Louis being on the Mississippi river has always been a major hub of industry. However with shifting times many old factories and warehouse now lie dormant and vacant. Making our way one of these areas we braved the freezing 30 degree weather to scout and snag a few shots.

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